Monday, October 12, 2009

FALL-ing in love

Fall in Vermont is well my favorite time of year, so after a brisk run in Adamant we found ourselves where else but Three Penny Taproom. So as we shared a pint with friends and watched the best post-season baseball game I have ever seen to this day, van Morrison happened to play and, well, I got that feeling that this was it.
My life has been good; so great the last ten years and it only keeps getting better. I have walked many a mile, ran and biked beautiful places and met beautiful people along the way who we still keep in touch with, matter of fact we're about to all come together once more come next week! I have also found a home here in Vermont and waking up in the morning just seems a little bit brighter everyday. I have spent the last ten years with a particularly beautiful person too who has made that ten years the most memorable of my thirty-two on this planet and that is Sarah. Sarah you make everyday my best and have taught me how to live and that life is what you make it of it. So here's to you my love and the life we live together - and what a life it has been. I love you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Snow in the mountains.

A couple mile hike into the mountains revealed what we had already suspected; snow.