Monday, May 31, 2010

Tram Haus

Another beautiful day in the greens! Today T and I took a tram up the mountain, instead of hiking. Hell, I can hardly walk from the car to the creamee stand my legs hurt so bad from yesterday's hike! It was another lovely day spent taking in magnificent scenery (Eden and Montgomery, VT are gorgeous!), being in the mountains I love, and hanging with my family. Oh, and Odin rode in a tram! It was a good day. We especially liked this public service message on the tram: Also, as many of you already know, Canada caught itself on fire today. Way to ruin everyone's views on Memorial Day, Canada. (It's okay Canada, it was still beautiful up there, but quite hazy as can be seen in this picture:)

New Routes

Taking a new route or doing something differently from the way you usually go about it can be a lot of fun. I think I even heard on NPR that it increases happiness hormones when you do something out of the ordinary. We put all of this to practice yesterday by taking a new route up and over Mt. Mansfield. First we had to drive all the way up and around to Underhill, which seemed so far, but was one of the more beautiful, scenic drives I've experienced in Vermont. We parked our car on Stevensville Road and hiked the Frost Trail -> Maple Ridge Trail -> Forehead - > Chin -> Sunset Ridge Trail -> CCC Road -> Maple Ridge -> Frost Trail. What a loop! It was the best way to see all of Mansfield, I think in only 8 miles, and is now my top favorite hike in Vermont. The Sunset Ridge Trail is amazing! And Underhill is well worth the drive; that side of the mountain is much more interesting to hike than the Stowe side. All of this hiking was after a beautiful night spent in Wind Gap on Camel's Hump. It lived up to its name with wind rushing through the low trees well into the night. But I remember the distinct moment when the wind stopped and all was quiet, except for the brook in the valley down below. It was a great way to start the day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who needs shoes? Enter the barefoot revolution?

I had never ever had a foot problem, blister, hot spot, swamp foot, etc....until, that is, I was invited on a sunset hike up Mt. Hunger. All it took was a pair of new boots and a poor sock choice and there they were: not twenty minutes in half dollar sized blisters on both my heels - excruciating! However I took this in stride and decided I would not keep my hiking partners - especially Lauren who would make this her first hike up Hunger - from the summit. So I took my boots off, freed my feet, and proceeded to barefoot hike up the rest of the way to the summit of Hunger. What little mud there was I found soothing and cool between my toes as sweat dripped from my nose and forehead the whole way in 90 degree heat. As I reached the top no worse for wear, my feet bare, I think I might have learned a thing or two about my feet and myself. There is nothing better than good hiking company on a hot day with a beautiful sunset, PBR and you never know you might just forget your shoes.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Less Hair, More Cast

Tristan ran this year's corporate cup with a much different look from last year: his ratio of hair to cast changed dramatically.
It was a beautiful night for a run, and I love how the whole town seems to come out for this fun event.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Weekend Well Spent

T and I headed down to the wilds of Connecticut to celebrate Mother's Day, which included surprising T's Mom (so fun! I love a surprise!). We had a great time overall and enjoyed an unusual weekend together.
I spent much of my time in my Mom's garden. There is some repair work to be done and some groundhog recon, but I think we got started on what could be a great garden this year. And the fun of it got me thinking about what else could be done. Pruning the backyard orchard (apples, pears, peaches, plums, and cherries), enclosing the berry bushes, building a new compost bin, setting up a coldframe, getting chickens, fixing the spigot, and putting up a tent platform that can double as a deck when T and I aren't around. In general, what I'm calling backyard homesteading; a yardstead. I don't know, I'll work on the terminology. But I'm excited for this work to come and I'm excited for the future. What an uplifting weekend!

Mothers day