Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Through Snow, Sleet or Rain?....Sure!

When we set out Tuesday morning, the new fallen snow to say the least was: amazing. However
half way into our ski tour out our backyard, which was an indeterminable distance, it was well: a bit soggy.

If there's one thing I've learned and profited from a little, it's this: It pays to carry F4 in your XC or BC pack when on any ski-tour-slash-BC-ski-adventure. F4 comes in many different applications but any and all will do.  They make wet, soft snow stop from sticking on the bottom of your ski and give you back that glide.

F4, if you've never heard of it, is universal glide wax.  Most days you never need F4.  Unless that is you're a glide junky who just can't seem to get enough glide out of his waxless skis the way he used to get it from those trusty wax-able skis. Now a little F4 never hurts, even before your ski tour; but on a day like this Tuesday, this is where F4 truly shines. You just never know when an hour into your day off, when that tele turn can do no wrong, and when 30 seconds in your friend says  "Hey is it raining?" - all of a sudden that snow that could "do no wrong" turns on you.  When you have a 20lb cinder block attached to the bottom of your wax less BC ski and your kick and glide has about as much oomph as a late night rerun of Chips.....  This is when someone in your ski party has to eventually say "Uh I think it's time to drop the skis and give em a little F4?..."   That of course is only if someone happens to have some.....awkward pause..   This is where I let everyone squirm a little and manage to procure that beautiful bottle of blue gold; F4.

Now back in the day I used to have my F4 handy quicker than folks could ask for it and proudly have skis back up and running quicker than you could say mashed potatoes.  But of late I like to make my friends squirm a little.  I do in fact work in a ski shop and on occasion could be made to look bad by being ill prepared in a BC ski situation.  But after three years, I know better and I like the fact that I can make the likes of cinder blocks turn into grease lighting in a matter of 30 seconds or less, and that just feels pretty darn good. 

So next time that ski shop employee suggests a little F4 when buying that brand new BC ski setup, think of it as a worthy and life changing experience.  Try not to think that poor guy is just trying to get another $15.00 out of you. You might, on the other hand, just be that guy on a long BC ski tour that manages to make those cinder blocks turn into skis again, and have his beer tab all settled up even before you get to the bar.

Now go and get it and I mean powder snow; not rain. 

But hey what ever floats your boat.



  1. I'm a glide junkie. And sometimes I don't use F4 I use MaxxiGlide. Gasp! Is that okay?

    1. Hmmm MaxxiGlide? Interesting name! Sounds OK to me!

  2. What's the ski trail image for your background T?

  3. Hmm I cant remember where I found it but I do like it a lot!

  4. It's true. F4 is great stuff. Don't leave home w/o it in warmer weather.

    BTW - Thanks for finding and following my blog. I hadn't seen yours before, but it looks great and I'm now following. I'll add you to my blogroll also.

    Let it snow!

    1. Hey Mike! like wise my friend. Just trying to ignore the sound of rain on the roof! Thanks and see you out there.