Sunday, October 27, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Vermont's very own Green Mountain Enduro

With over 50 riders, music and food, perfect fall weather, and the phenomenal trail network at Shaw Outdoor Center (part of Norwich University) in Northfield, the Green Mountain Enduro was a great success, particularly for a first-year event. The field was comprised of pros, sport riders, and beginners. Racers competed in three timed stages, for which the climbs were casual and non-timed, and riders then put it all on the line for the descent. Riders had a great time and everyone had a smile on their face. 

Many thanks to Liz at the Shaw Outdoor Center, the many Norwich University volunteers, the Town of Northfield, and Onion River Sports for putting on a great event.

Follow these links for race results and more photos.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tour de Foliage

Our recent Marshfield-Cabot-Danville-Peacham-Groton loop brought us to such great places as Cabot Creamery, Mack Mountain Road, the beautiful and quaint New England village of Peacham, and Groton State Forest. Many of the loop's 50 miles were on dirt roads, and about 12 of the miles were on the car-less Cross Vermont Trail. The tour brought us through pages 41, 42, 47, and 48 of the Vermont Gazetteer. More importantly, it brought us past rural artisans like potters and Birdman Woodcarving, and definitely bring cash for the many farm stands and farmers markets you will pass.

This was a good one; here's the route: Hollister Hill Road (Marshfield) to Ducharme Road to Route 215 (Cabot) to Danville Hill (Danville - this is a long climb!) to Route 2 then Mack Mountain Road to Main Street (Peacham) to County/North County Road (this one is very rugged, so seek an alternate route on South Main Street), to Route 302 (Groton) to Route 232. Note that the route linked above does not show the Cross Vermont Trail, which was our actual journey. To get on this dirt path (it's fairly smooth with 3%-grade climbs or less) take a right at the parking area about one mile into the Route 232 leg of this trip.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Klunking

Well it's a rainy Friday here in VT . Here's a throw-back to the beginning of MTB'ing and to what lies ahead.  I'm sure GF, JB and the whole Marin county crew can appreciate folks getting out on coaster brake klunkers and discovering just how to throw down that rear wheel skid on a dirt road. Nothing quite like it.

Happy Klunking!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

At the Heart of Singletrack

Trail Crew

With wet weather in VT, a MTB'er must look inwards at times and face a brutal truth: It's just too wet to ride. With that realization comes a couple of choices: clean bike, drink beer, watch a bike movie, pig out on some Ben & Jerry's, or..... get out anyways and give that favorite local trail some much-needed love. With that, our Wednesday ORS MTB ride set out to do some local trail work.

The Wednesday ride is some folks only chance to ride during the week. Every Wednesday people excitedly call the shop throughout the day to inquire if the ride is still on, and where we're riding. On this particular Wednesday, folks called with an already less-than-excited tone asking, "So, are we still riding?.....[long hopeful pause]." My reply: "Sorry, no group ride today. But we're gonna grab some tools and head up to do some trail maintenance after a couple of intense storms that came through."

With a little encouragement, stoke and some promised hydration (read: beer), a couple of folks rose to the occasion. This is where the "heart" of singletrack  lies. I often think to myself, "Where would we ride if it weren't for all the volunteers?" These local clubs and VMBA (Vermont Mountain Bike Association) and their blood, sweat, and tears go into building all the great places we get to ride here in VT. We are fortunate to have all these things at hand to make VT a true destination for MTB'ing. It is the people that constantly give their time even when they would rather be riding that keep singletrack alive and well.

So the next time it's raining instead, of digging into a pint of B&J's or watching a bike video, grab your pack, tools and some good friends and head for that favorite trail. Chances are it needs a little love and this way you can be sure that trail will be able to keep on giving back.

Worcester Range at Sunset

Here's to the trail builders and to all that give their time.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Singletrack Summer

Riders- Brett Leeper, Sarah Galbraith, Justin Tyme

Rider Ryan Madison

Sometimes you have to ride some of VT's beautiful dirt roads to get to the good stuff.  Here some good friends of mine have a little fun in between a flat tire, re-creating those early MTB years out West. I think Gary Fischer would be proud...

Riders Ryan Madison, Phil Parrish and Burt Marsh

 Rest those legs as the rain soaks in....


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A time to ride..

Riders Chris Lee- Dylan Covington

Rider Kevin Jacques

With such an unusual dry Spring followed by some wet and interesting weather it's been a good time here in VT to ride some of the best singletrack around.  I get to ride with some real fun folks and this is what they've been up to lately in the Green mountains of VT....
Rider C. Lee

Rider Brian Stevenson

Rider C. Lee- Rodney Nobrega

Rider KJ

A pleasure to ride and share cold beer with the Millstone Hill Trail crew.

 There's always a time and place to ride in VT. It's just a matter of finding it.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Get out and find your MoJo

As I write this, I'm thinking about the trails here in Vermont. Early Spring is a special and particularly fragile time of year for trails in Vermont. It can be very tempting to get out and ride your favorite trail, but its important to be mindful of all the hard work it takes to build and protect these trails. It's always a good idea to check in with your local mountain bike club (it's a great resource and a great benefit to belong to one) to get the skinny and beta on how a trail network is fairing. All it takes is a little homework before we get out there to make sure all that blood sweat and tears doesn't all go to waste before you find your early season MoJo.

A quick check of the FOTW site showed us what was open, so we loaded the bikes and headed out for a spectacular early-season ride.

Now get out there, and happy trails.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring in like a lion....

Just days after riding single track in VT, we found ourselves back on snow with 4 inches of new fallen white. Weather in VT? Just wait a couple of minutes....

Spring back to winter!


Easter Sunday; back to VT singletrack.

Every year it's a given; we gather early Sunday morning, drive South, and ride bikes. One important  thing we noticed this year: some are just learning. To watch a young kid laugh and giggle as they ride their bike was something that really brought me back to my youth, to how a bicycle was an integral part of my life growing up, as it is for others.

Another Easter ride with friends, bikes, and the feeling of Spring in the air. Winter isn't over yet but Spring in VT is a special time of year where anything can happen.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Come Ski With Us!

Well folks, the word is out. After getting up high and checking out the snowpack, this years Camel's Hump Challenge (CHC) is set for this coming Sunday, March 3rd.  If you haven't checked out this BC tour yet, this year would certainly be a good one. The stream crossings are good with a little negotiation, and the snow is deep and stable. Did I forget to mention it's absolutely beautiful up there as well? Come on out and see the surrounding forests amidst the Camel's Hump and see a new and different side of this iconic mountain.  

2013 Camels Hump Challenge

Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's that day where you might just want to grab the one you love and let them know how much they mean to you.

Here's to my valentine; that brown eyed girl I met over 13 years ago and am still crazy in love with.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Play to live.

Odin and Buddy ruffing it up.

This weekend with the new fallen snow we couldn't help but revisit some of our favorite places. (Might I ad our friends in CT almost had us making a surprise visit home as storm Nemo dumped as much as 40" over the weekend; unbelievable.) The last time this happened I was 7 months old and it was 1978. My father had to abandon his purple Ford Pinto...yeah pretty sweet, to post hole home with's been awhile since then. Sure we've been out scraping around after work but nothing beats hanging out with friends in fresh powder.  Some of our best friends and teachers happen to have four legs and an insatiable appetite for food, powder and play. I caught Odin and Buddy, after following us around all day in the VT back country proving that life is always more fun when shared with good friends, who also like to live and play in the mountains.

Have fun out there...

Tired boots.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Legends of the Thaw...

Well it's January here in Vermont and at times it can get warm, wet and windy! While the Ol' Ski Hill out back can get kind of.....well, lets just say it was beautiful..

Never let yourself second-guess getting out, no matter the conditions. In the end you'll always be glad you did.

Good thing I had the fat skis?! Where are my E99's when I need them most?
Good thing I brought some cold beer.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Beckons at Millstone Hill

Rider Kevin Jaques.

Here's some more two-wheeled love in our latest post from guest writer Cody Chouinard. If we weren't missing our bikes before, we certainly are now. Thanks, Cody, for sharing your story with us!

If you're like me, every time you see your bike jammed in the corner of your garage you get a brief flashback of shredding single-track all summer long. Thanks to our friends at the Millstone Trails Association you no longer have to suffer. Whether you are whipping around the turns creating a snow wave or just the casual biker looking for some great views, the trails at Millstone have everything you want in a winter mountain biking experience. If you have ever ridden at Millstone in the summer you know how beautiful the quarries are, but there is something about them in the winter that is equally if not more amazing. The snow outlined pieces of granite create a skeleton-like look to the grout piles towering above you. Winter riding doesn’t compare to summer riding, but the Millstone Trails Association has done an amazing job creating trails that will help you cope with those single-track flashbacks.


Cody Chouinard lives in Barre, Vermont, and likes to ride his bike

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our local hill finds the snow rolling; literally.

Odin doesn't like being left out of a good run. 

 A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves in the midst of some wonderfully unique weather out our backyard.  As the blue sky clashed with dramatic and intense clouds, the heavy wet snow and gusty winds created some beautiful skiing. This is what we found:

Snow rollers were something we had not seen before.  With the wet snow and heavy winds the snow is pushed and rolled into what looked almost like delicious snow pastry, ranging in size from a softball to a large exercise ball. A unique day, to say the least.

With today's fresh snow in the mountains (we needed it), I hope you'll find your way outside today - I know I will, even if for a quick lap out the back.