Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Wax to Waxless: Voile's Game-Changing BC Skis

We're so excited about the Voile Charger BC and Vector BC skis! These are our new skis for 2012-13 (well, the Vectors are still on back order ... ), and they're a favorite in our quivers. (Our small quivers include Rossignol BC 125s, and an old pair of Karhu Tenth Mountains - all of which are great skis, too.) To make these skis, Voile essentially put waxless bases on two of their very popular downhill skis.

Stepping into the Vector BC, mounted with a Voile  3-pin hardwire binding, was like love at first ski. It's sturdy and capable, yet light and tourable. And oh-so glide-y (is that a word?), yet climbs like a tractor. The revolution comes in the fat widths of these skis, but more importantly, it's in the rockered tip. Rocker is typically associated with keeping those skis afloat in the deep, deep powder days to our west, but they also really help with navigating dense New England backcountry by keeping your tips up and above debris, blowdowns, or crusty layers of snow. The Charger BC delivers all the same, but with a fatter base. Read on to get the low-down and our take on these fabulous new skis.

Voile Vector BC (a.k.a Sarah's New Love)
Dimensions: 92-96 under foot (a "mid-fat" ski)
Design: These have a mountain scene and cute fuzzy bear, which means I heart them instantly
They ski like: the dickens! I didn't want to stop skiing, despite painful blisters from a different boot/outing. This ski handled breaking trail in wooded terrain, climbing rolling hills and ravine banks, and descending tight down-hill trails with ease and grace. They edge beautifully, carving awesome turns through any conditions. Amazingly, they descend like a downhill ski while still being lightweight enough to climb comfortably - and climb you can, like a skidsteer with chains. Loggers should use these puppies to drag felled trees out of the woods. There is something both burly and sleek about this ski, simultaneously, that makes you want to ski them all day. Recommended set up: Voile 3-pin hardwire, light plastic telemark boot, an appetite for all-day fun (and the snacks to keep you going)

Voile Charger BC
Dimensions: 110-114 underfoot (like a fat powder ski, but built to take it all)
Design: These have a mountain goat on them, because they eat mountains for breakfast!
They ski like: a dream! This is a true adventure ski! It has the look, dimensions, and performance of a deep powder ski. But make no mistake, Voile excels at making this a really light, semi-stiff ski that is highly versatile. It's at home in the backcountry - either in powder or not, and can even handle your favorite groomed Nordic or downhill trails. I've taken this ski many times down the local snowmobile trail to make some laps on a local pasture hill - its a light, versatile ski that does it all well. Also, the rockered tip keeps the ski from diving in deep powder or rugged backcountry conditions, and it smooths the transition between turns.
Recommended set up: Voile 3-pin hardwire, light plastic telemark boot

Another plus for both skis: Made in the USA! Continue to support local, small shops by buying yours at ORS Cross-country Skis Direct - these guys don't just sell skis, they ski 'em!


  1. I can't wait to get some (after I save some $). Good review.

  2. Yeah, that's the down-side to these skis - they're priced more like the downhill versions. Add to that, they make me want to skip out on work to go play in the snow, so they're losing me money there, too (: . But, I like to think of it as an investment in my health and well-being. ( :