Friday, July 24, 2009

Millstone Hill Touring Center

Kingdom Trails in East Burke, Vermont is still my favorite place to ride ( But look out trails, there's a new number 2 in town. Hmmm...a new #2? That didn't come out right.

Anyways, Millstone Hill offers some excellent riding. And in the spirit of backyard adventures, we shot up to Grand Lookout at the end of a 2-hour ride. This sunset over Camel's Hump and the valley below was so worth not being able to see a thing on the trail back down to the car. Boy was it dark - and muddy!

And for those of you who want more than just some romantic sunset pictures, check out the shot of the bridges at the top of Millstone's newest trail: Rollercoaster. WOWza.

Happy trails!

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