Monday, December 27, 2010

Homegrown skiing.

T, Dog, and Sarah schralped the gnar. In our own backyard, right out our own back door. No cars involved. Sick! After some lunch and a 12:05pm beer, we're going to head back out there for more schralping and gnar. Stay tuned....


  1. My chocolate lab and I went snow shoeing right out our backyard in Calais today! No cars involved...lots of high winds, trees in the woods bending and cracking, snow swirls in the open fields...felt great to be out in the elements again!
    Jocelyn in North Calais Village~

  2. Thats great Jocelyn! Sarah, Odin and I are great believers in leaving the car home and exploring out your back door. We now live in plainfield, but when lived in Mont P. we would boot it up to Hubbard P. all the time tele boots and all and ski till dinner! We love hearing about your adventures Jocelyn! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I wish I got to do this with you guys. It looks beautiful. What a great backyard!

  4. I may have to actually introduce myself to you next time I'm in ORS Tristan! I was in there the other day and almost did but it was bustling. Next time! Love hearing about the adventures of you, Sarah and Odin too...