Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VT Sports magazine at the Nor'easter

Sarah, Odin and I spent the last four days in Burlington enjoying the sun, music, gear and good folks at the EMS Nor'easter festival.  It was people like Sam Hayden a young climber pictured above that was featured in one of our latest issues and his family that truly made it a wonderful weekend.  It was great to talk with Sam about getting outside and sharing climbing as a family.  This is why Sarah and I find ourselves outside and in the mountains because it is all to often that we encounter others who enjoy just the same as there were many who shared this sentiment during the weekend.  With pedal powered smoothies and a Power tap contest, our booth was full of stories, laughter and good humor as we talked abut the mountains and enjoyed the scenery on beautiful lake Champlain, a great venue for such an event.  We were so busy and tired in fact that we missed out on all the late night music but  found ourselves enjoying the relative serenity at our camp site at beautiful Mt. Philo the last two nights.  In fact I believe we even managed to hear G love and special sauce reverberating off the Adirondacks Saturday night even thought we were twenty minutes south a top Philo. All in all we look forward to more great events where we get to share our love for the outdoors with many others.  Thanks to all  the many new faces from as far away as Texas to Boston, that shared our tent ,we look forward to seeing some of you soon!

Oh and go figure our own Lea Davison placed second on a muddy and challenging Cross course at North beach. Maybe thats why we put her on the cover of our latest issue.....Huh not to shabby Lea, congrats!

                                                                    Now get outside.


                                                             Beautful Lake Champlain

Odin taking a nap

                                           The UBC championships will blow your mind.

Sarah blending up a smoothy Cycle Ops style.

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  1. I wore my Darn Tough's this weekend backpacking. But there was no smoothy waiting for me when I got done!