Sunday, February 5, 2012

Puttin' on Yer Shoes

Saturday, February 4th was the Green Mountain Club's annual showshoe festival in Waterbury Center, Vermont. If it weren't for the GMC, there are many things - especially the Long Trail - that Vermonters and others alike would not be able to enjoy. When Sarah and I were asked to attend by both Onion River Sports and Vermont Sports Magazine, we didn't hesitate at all to be there. The Long Trail and the GMC are synonymous with Vermont. If there's one place we send transplants, it's immediately to the Green Mountain Club to become a member and get involved. As the snowshoe festival shows, the Club is a great connection for both hikers and snowshoers. If there are two things I enjoy, it's helping folks get outside and showing them the way. So, helping folks try on snowshoes for Onion River Sports and connecting them with Vermont Sports Magazine hit the spot.

Saturday also brought three inches of fresh powder snow that had everyone excited to get out in their shoes. Sure, winter has been a little lazy this year, but if you've been outside enjoying it, there's not much to complain about at all, is there?

Tending the fire.

Prickles was in attendance as well.
Warm up by the bonfire.
One's trusty snowshoes sit aside while more modern gear is demoed.

 We even managed to sneak in a little sunset ski...
Odin and Sarah, skiing into the sunset.
Schralping it!
Now what are you waiting for? Get out there!


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