Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When Friends Ride

Well, it's raining here in Vermont today, though it's been overall an especially dry and unseasonable Spring. With that unseasonable Spring has come some phenomenal riding. If there's one thing Sarah and I enjoy most it's riding with good friends on some of the best singletrack this State has to offer; fortunately we have a lot of great singletrack here in Vermont.

So, when friends gathered on a beautiful Sunday we couldn't resist. As soon as I was done with work, we met up with the group at a half-way point to join in. We were looking forward to the chance to ride some new stuff in Stowe and we were shown some brand new trails out there.

It seems no matter how often we ride, hike, run, or ski,  we are part of a much larger wheel of motion that turns within all of us. We always encourage folks to get out and try something new and different with new people.  It can be tough to move to a new place and pick up where you left off, knowing all the great single track, BC ski lines or great trail runs or hikes.  When all the hard work pays off and you finally do meet that group of  people that share the same sense of adventure and community, well,  it's priceless.  Sarah and I are are lucky  we found that sense of community and friendship here in Vermont where we get to live and share all that this beautiful mountain landscape has to offer with those dear friends.
Lovely Sarah.
The flock.
Scott, back for some VT singletrack.

When friends come together to ride, it's easy to find a ride where the pace or terrain have no expectations, just the feeling of sharing in the moment and enjoying the experience of the ride.

Post-ride relaxing.
The Spot.

A sunset cruise along the beautiful Stowe bike path brought us back to our car.

So when the sun shines, or not, and a good friend, or maybe a few, just want to get out and enjoy it, just give in.



  1. So before the possible surgery I may have I want to go mountain biking, and in fall (my favorite) I HAVE to go. MRI on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed, but I mean... if you want me to come back then cross em anyway and I won't think you are evil.

    1. Evil? Silvy just come and trust me will ride bikes!