Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekly Peak

We've gotten a couple of great after work hikes in to some of our favorite summits in the past couple of weeks, with plans to hike more next week. What a great way to have dinner with friends: at the top of a mountain! And what a great way to explore and keep adventure in our everyday lives. ILoVermont!

Our recipe for success: Friends, dinner, beers, and an easy-going attitude. The best part about these hikes is we plan to be hiking down in the dark (though that doesn't always happen as our days are getting longer as we approach the solstice), so we bring headlamps. And we bring warm gear - often winter clothing - so that we're prepared to hang out at the top for awhile. And with dinner and drinks in hand, and friends and good views all around, what's there to be in a hurry about? We could stay up there as long as we want! 

The latest hike this past week was White Rock in the Worcester Range. This is a gem because it's a relatively quick up-and-down hike, with the option of a loop connecting it to Hunger Mountain, that affords fabulous nearly-360-degree views from its flanks and spire-y top. The trail is generally easy-going, but with plenty of rocks and short stretches of steep climbs to keep things interesting. Here are some pics from our excellent hike on White Rock:


One of the best parts of this particular night was seeing Venus traverse the sun, thanks to our luck in meeting up with these four wonderful hiking friends (some known, some new):

 Thanks, friends! And Happy Trails! We hope to see you out there soon.


  1. I was eating an amazing grassfed burger in Markleeville, CA when this happened. It looks liked a good time as usual. I noticed the BD trekking poles in the photo. Have you seen the new UL series? Sort of wish mine needed to be replaced. Hope to get in a hike or bike with y'all real soon.

  2. Sil sounds like your having way to much fun out west to come home yet? Your old poles are still good flashy trekking poles, what's next? Sheesh!