Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 4th, Part I: Riding

Rider: Dylan Covington
The fourth of July is always a fun time.  Sarah, Odin and I usually have a mountaintop tradition on the fourth that starts with a beautiful hike, friends, dinner, fireworks and the beautiful hike down in the morning.  This year we let spontaneity take us.  So we found ourselves on our bikes with no plan, only to see where our two wheels would take us.  This is where we found ourselves...

An impressive sculpture on our way up to Roller Coaster.

Local artists leave their mark on the old granite for Rock Fire, a Millstone Hill event this Summer

The 4th, Part II: Relaxing
Our good friends Jim and Carla invited us to Hardwick, where they have found themselves of late.  Odin and Pookah took awhile to get to know each other and we found ourselves reconnecting with good friends from home. The town that food saved has such a charm and personality that we felt the second we arrived.

The view from our temporary Hardwick home.

The suspension bridge in Hardwick

Pookah, one big puppy.

One of our favorite Co-ops!
Odin: This dog is insanely big...
Hardwick local meal: Fresh Tracks wine and fresh  Bruschetta.

See you out there!


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  1. I love it all ! The owls in the rock, and the Hardwick lounging.