Sunday, February 10, 2013

Play to live.

Odin and Buddy ruffing it up.

This weekend with the new fallen snow we couldn't help but revisit some of our favorite places. (Might I ad our friends in CT almost had us making a surprise visit home as storm Nemo dumped as much as 40" over the weekend; unbelievable.) The last time this happened I was 7 months old and it was 1978. My father had to abandon his purple Ford Pinto...yeah pretty sweet, to post hole home with's been awhile since then. Sure we've been out scraping around after work but nothing beats hanging out with friends in fresh powder.  Some of our best friends and teachers happen to have four legs and an insatiable appetite for food, powder and play. I caught Odin and Buddy, after following us around all day in the VT back country proving that life is always more fun when shared with good friends, who also like to live and play in the mountains.

Have fun out there...

Tired boots.

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