Friday, April 2, 2010

Loving the Riding...and the Living

Okay, so before you bust me I'll admit this picture is from last summer. Nonetheless, this is where Tristan and I found ourselves about sunset-time last night. This might be our favorite spot in all of Vermont - it's the hill just up from the intersection of Jacobs and Horn of the Moon Roads in East Montpelier.

Tristan and I have gotten out on the bikes the last two nights in a row (see below post about Tristan's new love), but last night's ride was by far the better one. A little longer, a little muddier, and much more scenic. Oh yeah, and we climbed a rock hill over by the dam, so this was even a multi-sport adventure! And while the intention of these rides is certainly to get ourselves back into the swing of things for trail riding, the scenery is what gets me out there in the first place. Ahhh, Vermont. And bikes. And dirt roads. I love you.

Although I love trails better.

Happy trails!

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  1. Now I know where you mean. Beautiful spot. I think I somehow was near that spot once at a bonfire on New Year's. Outstanding spot.