Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I was thinking about little people as of late and it just so happens that for the last two days this sweet little ray of sunshine has been in the shop and shes' all smiles and giggles. How is it that this little tiny person does it? Sure I've heard her cry and scream but this Rose cheeked kid just has something about her that well other kids just don't. So as I approach my finer years I start to think; am I going to be able to show my child how to live life? Love seems to have a large capacity for margin and error and pull us through tough times but I think raising a child has more to do with the way we look at life. What do we value and covet in life? For every person one can expect very different answers but ideally I think it takes two very special people that can show and share with that young person what life truly means through unique experiences. Those young formative years that maybe we cant remember early in life are truly very important and have more to do with who we are or end up as than we may think. So as I write I cant help but smile as I look forward to meeting my little ray of sunshine someday soon. I look forward to showing that sunshine just how fun life can be and I think I have a pretty good idea of just how to do it!

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