Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learning and Evolving...

T and I are learning to do car camping a little better each time. We're both so enthralled with the lightweight, minimalist approach that backpacking can offer. But car camping has its pluses, though it will require a whole new set of gear. We did just add the MSR Mutha Hubba to our tent line-up (we backpack with the Hubba Hubba which is the best tent ever made), and it is the three-person, beefier, three-season version. And we brought pillows! But we cooked our dinner in one pot...and ate out of that one pot...on our MSR whisperlite. Our next purchase is going to be a two -no, three! - burner Brunton fold-out stove. I can envision eggs, bacon, and coffee - each cooked in their OWN POT in our near future!

Despite our hybrid backpacking - car camping approach, we can still kick back and relax:
Though you can usually find us by a camp-fire in the evenings on our backcountry trips (of course always in an established fire ring and following all leave-no-trace guidelines), this one was considerably less smelly (we were not dirty and sweaty from many days in the woods without a shower) and more beer-y. And there were pillows in our tent! (I'm always excited to have a pillow in my tent.)
And while on the topic, New Hampshire has a wonderful state parks system, many of them with beautiful, well-maintained, quiet campgrounds. Do check them out if you're headed for a visit with our neighbor to the east:
Happy trails! Er...happy roads, leading to campgrounds!

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