Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Perfect Sunday

Tristan and I got out today for a really nice hike on the Long Trail, starting at Appalachian Gap (Rte 17) and up to Molly Stark's balcony, which is a nice little overlook with expansive views. But before our hike, we stopped by a favorite spot, with a certain amount of significance for us, to have a sandwich: If you haven't been, the Warren village general store is fabulous, so yummy, has great hiking snacks, and the river right below the deck is a great spot to swim and hang out. (Or wait for hours for someone to come pick you up...twice.)

We hadn't been on this particular section of the LT since 2001, the year we hiked the trail in its entirety. It was beatiful hiking weather, the views were spectacular, and it was so nice to just walk in the woods.
Tristan had a memory of stopping during our LT hike in '01 on this section of trail to cook a ramen noodle; I couldn't recall this at all, until I got to this exact spot in the trail. It just hit me, and it felt so nice to remember.
Today was a classic example of our approach to adventure: we headed out with a general sense of direction (which was dictated more by a craving for that general store sandwich than anything else), the minimum basics for a few different types of outdoor pursuits, and absolutely no plan. We found ourselves at Molly Stark's balcony on a beautiful day. Life is always the best when you open yourself up to just letting it unfold. The first - and only real - step is to get out there.
We ended the whole thing with one of the more beautiful salads I've ever eaten, corn on the cob, and a chewy, yeasty, delicous ciabata bread from the general store. (Seriously, go there!) This is how Sundays are meant to be lived!


  1. Ok, Sarah, how much are they paying you to plug the store? Seriously though, your description has made it shoot up my must-do list...

  2. Ha ha, yes I am on the pay roll. No, seriously, we just serendipitously ended up at this general store when we walked out of the woods one time. They were so nice to us, the food was so good, and that river is a special place! We would be happy to take you there any time!