Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An extraordinary man on an extraordinary journey!

It was a beautiful saturday in Vermont where I happened to meet an extraordinary man: Bruno. Bruno is traveling from Montreal to Boston. It just so happens that Bruno is doing this on his handcycle/wheelchair unsupported. I shared a short 30 minutes discussing what was the best route (14 or 100) and we decided that 100 would be his most scenic and worthwhile route through the Green mountains of Vermont. I couldn't help but feel a great connection with this traveling stranger whose home France was so very far away. But this is the gift of cycling, two strangers sharing in the adventure and spirit of cycling. The freedom to travel anywhere and where ever your body cares to take you.
We talked of the tour, the great Gaps, of Scleck and contador and of course the beautiful mountains where I will someday find myself, I'm sure of this. But for now we smiled, exchanged info, and I wished Bruno safe travel as he made his way off through downtown Montpelier. It just so happens he was born in Montpellier, France and he just had to see what its sister city looked like in VT!

So here's to Bruno, may your ride and journey find you well in Boston soon. But remember its what happens along the way that matters; ahhh I think you already know this! Safe journey my friend!
'Til our paths cross again!

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