Sunday, August 8, 2010

In the Breadloaf with doughnuts.

This saturday we hiked out to our shelter we adopted on the Long Trail, Skyline Lodge. After a lazy morning we stopped in at the Big Picture for a breakfast burrito (sooo good) and some doughnuts; some for us, and some for the caretaker up at the Lodge. The drive over to Middlebury Gap was nice, the hike in was beautiful, and we found a really cool campsite with a nice outlook for watching sunsets over the Adirondaks. The shelter was in great shape, and we planned trips back both this fall and over the winter. A multi-day winter trip, using this shelter as base camp, is in the works. The winter trip is going to involve stew, biscuits with butter, no-bake cherry cheesecake, and eggs for the mornings. Oh, and camp coffee! And then lots and lots of skiiing and snowy backcountry adventure. Can't wait!!

1 comment:

  1. you guys are the best volunteer caretakers with doughnuts ever. No one out here knows what apple cider doughnuts are. It is sad for them really.