Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The man, the myth, local ripper- Patrick Kell

The ORS crew got out with mountain bike ambassador and good friend of ours  PK ( Patrick Kell) to night ride Perry hill. This is the man responsible and in charge of all the buzz and good things happening in Vermont regarding mountain biking. We like to joke that if you run into any trouble on the trail, just tell them you know PK, Hah!!

           I look forward to seeing where Patrick takes us the next few years as I have a good feeling that from what I have already seen this guy do in the state of Vermont, mountain biking is only going to get better.  Did I mention this is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and he rips!
Till next week



  1. I hear he inflates bike tires with his own breath, and puts chain lube in his morning coffee.

  2. He just might Jase! But seriously if you love riding as much as we do, next time you see PK take time to slap him five. Without his time and effort we would not have all this amazing singletrack in our backyard Vermont.