Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking through the glass on Langdon st.

Walking around down town Montpelier is not like your average city or town.  It's funny when I refer to Montpelier as a city people laugh!  This is when I feel the need to inform them that we are indeed the smallest capital "city" in the United states!  I should like to think were quite fond of this idea as well.  Who really believes its all about size anyways theses days?  If there is one thing we do have in Montpelier that is a sense of who we are. We can walk the streets at any given point during the day and see the people we elect every year, the owner of our favorite local coffee shop, a friend or too, our mayor and any well known postal service people all who would gladly give you the time of day.  This is why Sarah, Odin and I live here.  Now those of you who know us well, know that we will soon be leaving and making an exciting change to country living!  But don't forget we love our community here and that's what we truly believe in.  If you don't have community then we all lose something that makes us human.  Were all here because we want to be.   I think its funny when we get seasonal birds in the area and they say "your mountains are so small and your all on big fat skis! Where do you think your skiing?"  This is where I turn inwards and remind my self and the bird and say "Big isn't always better you know!"  Then I say " Your right there isn't any good skiing in Vermont, you should fly back home where things are big my friend!"  Size and location are all a matter of perspective and we love it here because it's small and because it takes you years to find out where the best stashes are in the mountains as you explore them and make new friends. 
This is what makes Vermont, Vermont and we love it all the same.  So till next time, when the snow falls you'll probably know where to find us.

Oh and by the way I was lying, theres a little good skiing here in the Green mountains and I would encourage anyone with a little sense of adventure, local or seasonal bird to explore and find it for yourself~!



  1. I Miss making Chalk art. And HOW did you do those snowflakes? I am awful at those... Andddd did the wooden dude's hip fall off? Glad he's skiing this year!

    And you are right, bigger isn't better. Out here the terrain is just scarier. And there are way too many people from LA wanting to know the condition of the backcountry. jeez.

  2. I was thinking about a friend who just moved out to the mountains in Colorado. He had indicated to me that he would like to live in VT at some point (but I can tell he's still in the exploratory stage...) So I began to wonder WHY would he move to VT after being in, on and around the mountains out west? They're so majestic and grand! My conclusion was -- because our Green Mountains are inviting...intriguing...challenging as well as easily accessible and every bit as beautiful in their own way. They don't need us to defend them as they speak for themselves (to those who hear them calling...) ~Jocelyn

  3. I think you said it best Jocelyn! Thanks


  4. I almost forgot I cannot take credit for the snowflakes. Corinne put all her creativity energy into these and they came out great! She was also instrumental in putting together our window. Thanks Corinne!