Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This ones for you Flip.

Off to vote at five! Bump into many good people and friends at town hall including Warren Kitzmiller and Mary Hooper who are running for election.  Then off to the Three Penny Tap room for a pint! A good day  indeed!  It's about getting out a being part of your community and making a choice, yes it might seem insignificant but votes ad up!  I use to not vote, then realized in the great state of Vermont I am truly a part of my community here in the smallest capital city in the United states!  Everyone should want to be heard, we want to hear you!  So here today do yourself a favor and vote.  Wether your a republican, Democrat or independent or neither vote! heck you can right yourself or bigbird in for governor!  Then go celebrate by stopping by your favorite bar perhaps and talk about what you believe in or want to change.  This is by far the freest nation in the world!  For now.. ...that is.. ..


  1. A vote, a pint and some good friends. The American way!

  2. I voted by mail in ballot. Do I still get a beer? hehe