Saturday, July 9, 2011

Riding to Austria, Vermont

Another fantabulously good ride last night out of Stowe Town Loops up to Trapp Family Lodge, which is a little taste of Austria right here in Vermont. This time, we were joined by the wonderful Caroline, Kate, Paul, Aaron, Mike and Dean.

We pedaled on out of the woods and through the cattle field, then popped out onto the road leading up to Trapp Family Lodge. From there we could see the balloon festival down in the valley. 
We continued our pedal up to the Deli-Bakery-Brewery and joined a lively Friday night crowd out on the deck for some brews and food. Mike had possibly the best sandwich of his life, and we all enjoyed the Helles Golden and Seasonal, brewed right on site. 
As I've said before, it's best to enjoy your beer(s) long enough for it to get good and dark for the way back down through the woods. This time we may have taken that advice a little too far...
Thankfully some of us had our lights, though some of us did not, making for a very interesting descent. We all made it, though! And then Aaron and I had a very close encounter with some deer as we rode back to the cars in the dark. It's a long story for another time, but basically I got within inches of a deer butt. Pretty sweet.

Today we're making a garden gate, staking up the tomatoes - which actually have little tomatoes on them! - playing with the dog, and hopefully heading out into the woods at some point. 

Happy Trails!

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