Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sun? Is that you?

It's hard to believe, with the wet summer we've had so far, that we were lucky enough to get a long weekend full of sunshine. How did we get so lucky?

With a rare couple of days off and that strange bright light in the sky, we crammed a lot of action into one long weekend. There were the traditional events like the Montpelier parade and fireworks, and our annual hike into the Green Mountains to look down from a favorite spot onto the fireworks display down below. This year, we were joined by friends Jeff, Meghan, Dudli, Jase, and Levi for a speed hike up the mile or so to our vantage point - darkness was approaching as we got to the top, just in time to eat some dinner, have a drink, and watch the show.

And this year, our traditional hike to fireworks followed a tour of the Burke Mountain side of Kingdom Trails led by Jeff and Meghan. It was nice to ride some new stuff and to see there is actually quite a bit of climbing that can be done out in the Kingdom! We had only ever ridden the rolling singletrack over on the Darling Hill side. 

It was a jam-packed weekend full of activity, and it was nice to have one more day off to relax in my hammock and rest my legs.

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