Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Back [Spring Forward]

As the weather reports roll in warning of the inches of snow that could accumulate overnight (eeeee!!!), I am warming up by the fire after a brisk walk with the dog looking back through pictures from some of our Fall adventures. Fall is a great time to reflect, to look back; Spring energizes us into forward motion (towards the garden, out the door, go, go, go). This contemplative feel to the season may be why I enjoy hiking in the Fall so much. It's a slower pace activity and it gives you time to mull, clear the head, get inspired. And, with the snow on the way, what better reason to go head up into the hills: To see the mountain-top winter wonderland! While that is on the agenda for tomorrow, today I will share some photos from a favorite fall hike: Hunger Mountain. For extra adventure, running the entire ridge is an amazing hike; but for those not up for the 12 miler day, even an side adventure over to Hogback Mountain or down to White Rock is a treat. The latter is exactly what we did with friends on a recent October outing. Enjoy! And Happy Trails.

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