Friday, November 4, 2011

Walking In

This video is exactly what I needed right now.

After working on a writing assignment last night, in which Tristan and I articulated what outdoor adventure means to us, I was left remembering those times on mountain tops, or in deep wooded hollows, waking up to the sun filtering through trees onto the fabric of our tent, or crossing the most beautiful stream you had seen yet. I had nowhere to be but there, nothing to do but walk, or sit and take in the view if I preferred. The colors, sounds, smells, all of it. But mostly the feeling is what I remember: truth, pureness, vitality, health. And don't get me wrong, there were hard times and low times, but they were real too, and part of the experience.

I am so grateful to have had these experiences, like backpacking the Long Trail, spending three weeks deep in the central California wilderness, and living for four continuous months on the Appalachian Trail. I can't believe I have been so lucky. To know these places and these people. They will forever be in my heart, moving from there to my extremities, where these past experiences become just as my flesh. And they are in Tristan's heart and being too; we will forever be connected by these shared times, having been nourished and grown from the same vital tonic.

Last night, as we finished our writing assignment, it was late and I was tired, with a cold setting in. I thought as I shut down the computer about the visions in my head conjured from the sharing of our experiences: I have to get back there.

Finding this video today brought it all back.


  1. Beautiful... Greg's piece and yours! : ) Ned

  2. Love this and that it was posted on my birthday. I also love the Vedder song. Makes me wish I'd taken this summer to do my hike, but I think it'll all work out...