Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Wodstove Turkey and Crayola Adventure

We spent the Turkey holiday in Connecticut with family. While we didn't have snow, we still managed to get out to some favorite spots and T did a turkey-day ride with the guys he grew up riding with. On that particular day, I stayed home with the fam. My Mom and I cooked our family's supper on / in the wood stove (go us!) for a real wood-fired turkey. It went really well and came out so good. I also did stuffing in skillets on the stove top.

It's very difficult being a dog on Thanksgiving.
 Meanwhile, as the turkey was cooking, I drew pictures with my niece. I forgot how fun Crayola crayons can be! I had a great time and left her with some renditions of outdoor adventure. She's only three, but I'm hoping to leave some kind of mark in the way of inspiration.
 I also illustrated Odin's brutal encounter with four Chihuahuas the day before. (It's a dramatization - Odin wasn't nearly that viscous...actually, he was the one who got beat up. There were four of those damn little Hellians!)

I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed the snow!!

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  1. Thank you for going back in the archives and re-posting this. When I was a boy scout in the late 1960s our troop had a cabin in the woods with an old wood stove. A few of our adult leaders had grown up cooking on wood stoves, and they really knew how to use it for baking.