Friday, October 4, 2013

Tour de Foliage

Our recent Marshfield-Cabot-Danville-Peacham-Groton loop brought us to such great places as Cabot Creamery, Mack Mountain Road, the beautiful and quaint New England village of Peacham, and Groton State Forest. Many of the loop's 50 miles were on dirt roads, and about 12 of the miles were on the car-less Cross Vermont Trail. The tour brought us through pages 41, 42, 47, and 48 of the Vermont Gazetteer. More importantly, it brought us past rural artisans like potters and Birdman Woodcarving, and definitely bring cash for the many farm stands and farmers markets you will pass.

This was a good one; here's the route: Hollister Hill Road (Marshfield) to Ducharme Road to Route 215 (Cabot) to Danville Hill (Danville - this is a long climb!) to Route 2 then Mack Mountain Road to Main Street (Peacham) to County/North County Road (this one is very rugged, so seek an alternate route on South Main Street), to Route 302 (Groton) to Route 232. Note that the route linked above does not show the Cross Vermont Trail, which was our actual journey. To get on this dirt path (it's fairly smooth with 3%-grade climbs or less) take a right at the parking area about one mile into the Route 232 leg of this trip.

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