Monday, January 25, 2010

In the Kingdom

With warm temps, rain and snow dumping everywhere but here one can simply not help thinking about riding. Last season was a wet one especially for mountain riders. Thinking back however to all those great rides with good friends puts things in perspective. Yes it was wet, yes we complained alittle and looked forward to the winter season wich is oupon us. We love where we live and well, we live where we are because well....its Vermont. Sure vermont is cloudy, cold, muddy and challenging at times but it's also beautiful, sunnyand deep, yes we do have "some" powder days and we love it. So heres to all of you that have deep snow, bluebird skies, powder days and big lines.
I'm Tristan von Duntz I'll be happy to listen and hear about steep lines and snow as it absolutley burries you up to your waist, as fresh powder hits you in the face. I can only listen as I'm busy taking what I can get here; in Vermont. Till next time ride well and take care of yourselves and remember its not necessarily where you are but what your doing there and if its not fun give it some time or try something else.

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