Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breaking the camels back; CHC

A job well done and it's always nice when its fun.  I spent the day with a great group of BC skiers on the Camel breaking trail for this Sunday's Camels Hump Challenge.  If you haven't done it yet, this will be a tremendous year as all snow has really filled in the trail.  You can register the day of for $125 that goes to the Alzheimer's association, a good cause. This tour allows one to see aspects of the forest in and around Camels Hump not  usually accessible or seen as it traverses around the summit.  A must do for any BC skier.



  1. Thanks for your trail-breaking. Yuri said you are a steam-roller.
    Our crew also had a great time of it. We crossed the Monroe trail and followed your tracks to the beaver pond
    and cut down from there.
    The north side has alot of snow - felt like real winter.
    We arrived at the Monroe parking lot at 2:45.
    See you.
    Bruce Beeken.

  2. Hope you have a wicked time !!!!

  3. Thanks Bruce, it was my pleasure! Cant wait for this year.