Monday, February 14, 2011

A sad day; a life well lived.

I am sorry and deeply saddened to hear that a wonderful man very close and connected in the community I grew up in was struck and killed on his recumbent in Florida.  Gary was an incredible man that I wish I could have known better. The few times I did talk with him was a pleasure. I remember seeing Gary riding his recumbent when I was younger as he worked close to home using it as his commuter and too explore the back roads of our home town.  My hopes and prayers go out to his family and the legacy he leaves behind.

To learn more about this incredible man here's a link to read about his extraordinary life.



  1. Tristan~
    He did indeed sound like a very intriguing and passionate man. I've mentioned this on ORS posts before...but my father passed away from Parkinson's in 2010. Your mention of his riding the incumbent bike made me curious to read more (because it would be an excellent way for people w/Parkinson's to stay active/healthy) it was surprising to read that he had Parkinson's as well.

    As you said, 'A life well lived' -- It's always good to check in with ourselves and see if we are living life well. I can see that you live life with intention and do just that.
    From Calais

  2. REcumbent bike that is...