Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's a labor of love.

As many of you know, I work at Onion River Sports with a lot of good folks and we love to hang out in our free time and get outside. Everyday, I get to work and there happens to be this great wall of photos of people getting outside and enjoying themselves, whether its on a bike, skis, hiking or snowshoeing . Some of the people are customers, past co-workers, even Olympic athletes that have passed through the doors at Onion River Sports, heck I even know a couple! There are two pictures that often catch my eye; the two people in the photos, embody exactly what I deeply feel about in life, " do what you love, work hard and the rest will follow." I get to work with both these individuals and can't say enough wonderful things about them. To this day, both do exactly what they're doing in these pictures from years past. Why? Simply because they love it.

     I was drawn to ORS because of people like this, to have the opportunity to work with people who do what they love and feel passionately about the outdoors. Their passion helps get other people to understand that feeling of riding a bike, sliding on snow, or maybe hiking a long distance trail for the first time. I can honestly say that ORS is a place where come five o' clock, we want to get your skis mounted and your bike tuned, but we're also chomping at the bit to get in some fresh powder turns or get that single track mountain bike ride in, because- "we love what we do and we do it often." When you come in to the shop and need a new BC ski setup or that new road bike, chances are, one of us or all of us just got back from skiing or riding.  It's just a matter of, we love what we do.
The two, young guys in the photos are our very own Jamie Huntsman; telemark skier extraordinaire- bike mechanic/nicest guy you will ever meet, and the one and only; ORS owner, Andrew Brewer.  Ask any of these guys a question, and I'm sure they have a good story or two to share.  I'm positive Andrew taught Lance a thing or two about bike racing, and Jamie, from what I hear, is the best telemark skier you will ever ski with down the slopes.  Don't take my word for it, come on down and ask them yourself.

Now get outside.


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  1. Can you ask Jamie to email me about the Ski he did in the Sierras? I can't remember if he did the Trans-Sierra or what? I'm VERY curious.