Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter; one of our favorite times to ride.

Easter Sunday is becoming a traditional first ride of the season for us, getting together with good friends and getting outside - on bikes! The last two years the Onion River Sports crew has made the trip to Pine Hill Park, a network of trails for walking, mountain biking, running, or taking the dog out. It's a destination that always has us chomping at the bit to ride our first singletrack of the year. With over 16 miles of trails and 300 acres there is more than enough riding in a day for any rider. If you haven't been there yet, you're missing out on some of central Vermont's best singletrack. The folks at PHP put an amazing amount of hard work into these trails which is evident the second you start riding; and thankfully they've been noticed: park creator Michael Smith was recently given an award for his work in Rutland.

From the smooth flowiness of Svelte tiger to the rough techiness of Stegosaurus, PHP is worth your attention. A lot of people think trails like this just pop up or materialize out of nowhere. But PHP's trails are a testament to many hours of hard work by volunteers and one man's vision and guidance, Michael Smith and the Pine Hill Partnership. If it were not for this partnership PHP would not be what it is today. So what are you waiting for? check PHP out at ; their website gives you more than enough info to find your way down to where hours of single track await you. And there are maps at the trailhead!

Chris sharing his Easter candy!
Jason ripping it up.
Sarah with her new bike and a great smile!

A great example of how Snack got his nickname that fateful day in Stowe.
The Kipper

PHP has made some great improvements even since we were there last year, and we were impressed by the workmanship. The next time you find yourself on great singletrack on a beautiful day with good friends, think about that trail after you ride. Ask yourself about volunteering one day this year to help maintain and give back to a place that brings you so much, so that maybe someone else can feel that same way. Plus, we can all help Vermont maintain its reputation as having some of the best single track here in New England! Or...maybe we should keep that a secret.

Oh and be sure to find Aaron's Air during your ride for a little air time!!

Happy spring everyone, now go get outside. - T.

Happy Trails! - S.

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  1. I wish I got to be closer this year to go, but in future years, count me IN!