Friday, May 13, 2011

Kirt's Specialized AllRide Tour; AllRight by me.

                                                               Photo by: Patrick Kell

Wednesday was a beautiful day to get out and ride.  What I love about getting out and  riding is the people you run into or meet along the way.  It's not every day that you get to run into someone that is like Kirt Voreis, though. It was great to see Kirt and his lovely wife Lindsey out riding here in Vermont.

I remember Kirt from way back when my high school friends and I would make our yearly pilgrimage to Mt. Snow to race mountain bikes with the likes of Kirt, a new pro rider who was ripping  up the mountain bike scene.  This is where I got see people I only got to read about in Mountain Bike Action or hear about through the local race circuit.  But it was never all about the racing.  It was about being with like-minded people and riding our bikes, plain and simple.  This is where the heart of Kirt's message lies with his new Allride Tour: getting out and riding bikes anywhere with anyone, especially kids. Who would have guessed that as I stood watching the naked crit at Mt. Snow back in '95, screaming and yelling, that it would all come full circle years later with good people, on bikes, in the great state of Vermont? So here's to Kirt, Lindsey and the Allride Tour and all the great work they're doing, all while having a lot of fun and doing what they love, spreading the singletrack word and their love of mountain biking and, hey, who could argue that?

Thanks guys for a great few days!

Now go get outside and ride your bike.


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