Monday, May 9, 2011

Millstone Hill; get there.

With terrain like this it still amazes me at how many people either don't know about Mill Stone Hill or simply over look it but what is for sure is that they have a friend and supporter in me. In just the last few years things have taken off and the trails seem alive due to one groups tireless efforts in this particular area of single track that Sarah and I chose to explore today and are very fond of. If you haven't checked out Millstone Hill do yourself a favor and get there. I will admit it took me a year to find my way around and discover my favorite trails and link them together, but Mill Stone Hill is sure to please. People are always friendly and sure to help show you around. Stop by the visitor center in Websterville where Pierre Couture can recommend a trail or loop and share some of the local history where one feels like a ride back in time as you tour the many historic Granite quarries that make this area famous. But make no mistake I can foresee its not to long before Mill Stone Hill becomes a bit more famous for their single track rather than their long lost Granite quarries as one need not ride far to discover just what kind of ripping single track is alive and well at... Mill Stone Hill Touring and recreation Center

Oh and don't forget the Mill Stone Grind which gains more and more popularity every year. Andrew Wellman does a phenomenal job organizing and getting this race together. Check it out here.... The Mill Stone Grind

Now get out there and see it for yourself, and keep up the good work guys I'll see you soon enough.




  2. It is Jen! You can come out and ride with us any time - I would love to show you around and introduce you to mountain biking!