Monday, June 13, 2011

The Brother Jacques; Millstone Hill

Well the pictures pretty much say it all about my tour of Millstone Hill with the Jacques brothers as it pretty much lives up to what I have been saying the last two years; If you haven't ridden here, what are you waiting for? Harrington Heights the newest invention at Millstone Hill is something to get excited about. Pierre Couture's idea with the brothers Jacques trail building vision makes this new trail a wicked ride. A trail built for more advanced riding gives you that high Alpine feel that I have only ever experienced out the Waitsfield valley way. The only difference? you don't have to climb 1,500 ft vertical to get it. With granite spines, bridges and fun challenging drops this new trail keeps your interest no matter what. Still under construction this trail only has more and more to give as the single track turns, corners and granite spines get buffed out. So what are you waiting for, as soon as this monsoon of a season lets up there's no excuse as to where to ride now is there?!

So stop by the new touring center in Websterville and get your day or season pass from Pierre where you can ask and get all the latest buzz and info on where to ride at Millstone Hill.

Get all the beta here.....

Millstone Hill Touring center

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  1. T. Got to ride it 8/13/11. The Jacque Brothers really know how to build MTB trails. Riding the granite ridge backs on Harrington Heights is a unique experience in MTB. I salute them! - Ram

    1. Hey Ram~ They sure do!,hope to ride sometime this season my friend! Their new trail Screaming demon is a must ride.