Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vermont Sports at the Vermont Sun Triathlon

Tristan and I spent the morning cheering on participants in the Vermont Sun Triathlon! We set up the Vermont Sports table right at the transition area/finish line, in the heart of all the action. We witnessed the winners of the race, 60+-year-old first-timers, a woman who recently beat cancer, and I had tears in my eyes as the whole crowd stopped what they were doing to cheer in the last finisher. To be surrounded by the support, athleticism, and many wonderful volunteers it takes to put on an event like this was inspiring. And the surroundings at Branbury State Park were exceptional – it’s the perfect spot for a triathlon. It was a great day. 

Importantly, we got to represent the great Vermont Sports magazine and the many awesome gear companies who support the magazine. This meant spending the morning talking with folks about Osprey’s innovative line of hydration packs, MSR’s consistently well-designed tents, and Therm-a-rest’s new down Alpine Blanket (I have been waiting for something like this!). We got people signed up for a raffle to win an Osprey pack, Platypus foldable water bottles, and a Platypus Gravityworks hydration system (this thing is seriously cool for folks like me who can be lazy about getting water for camp); it was a highlight of my life to stand in front of the crowd as Tristan thanked everyone for entering and drew names from the bucket.

But the best part of the day was to hear the feedback: “Vermont Sports is great!” “I love that magazine!” “I read it cover-to-cover.” “Dr. Rinaldi’s column is a must-read; he’s so informative.” One woman was new to Vermont, and her Mom sent her the magazine to give her ideas for things to do; she buys all the gear that is advertised in it (her personal favorite is Platypus’s foldable wine carriers – awesome invention!). And the organizers of the event commended us on engaging with the crowd. The support was encouraging and inspiring, to match the setting.

We wrapped up the day by talking with a couple of racers from Newport, Vt. It was one woman’s first triathlon; she ran races in college. And she talked about the challenge of getting passed on her bike and her expectations for her running pace; you have to let those things go, she said. It’s about being out here now and being involved in something healthy and rewarding. We all joked about how much we spend on bikes, running shoes, camping gear, the right clothes, the whole nine yards. But none of us had cable, fancy cars, or gadgets. We choose to invest in ourselves: our health, our happiness, our strength.

Happy Trails! And, hey, when you’re inside, take a look through the latest issue of Vermont Sports – you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be inspired to get out there.


  1. Another lovely post. You guys have found your calling!

  2. I love what you've done with the blog, this event looks like it was awesome!
    I love when good people come together and support each other!! :)

  3. Thanks, Jen! You should do this race some time (: