Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two things to remember for the many wonderful people in our lives.

Life is full of surprises.  Often I think all we can do is surround ourselves with as many wonderful people as we can and live life and enjoy it the best we possibly can; day to day.  This of course is easy to say.  Life can be stressful, sad and  full of terrible things.  This is what makes life so wonderful.  Without sadness, anger, stress and all of it's many other emotions life would be a less than worthy of an experience. As I have said before, as one journey ends, often another will inevitably start and this is what I felt yesterday.  Our amazing  friend Ellen was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of months ago at the age of 27 and her life very quickly and abruptly changed direction.  Yesterday we had Ellen, Eric her boyfriend, Margot, and Geoff over to celebrate as she has just finished her chemo. A good day.

        Yesterday my mother started her chemo and her fight against breast cancer as we sat eating dinner celebrating Ellen's end to her chemo.  I couldn't  imagine two more wonderful people in my life that I have chosen to surround myself with who have both started  paths down a different road in life. This is when those people around us find themselves in vibrant color.   I remember reading Into the Wild and feeling so much for Chris McCandless, as he sought to run a way from society.  It was only in the end, as he tried to leave the isolated school bus he called home in the wilderness of Alaska, that he realized it's the people around him that made life truly special: happiness is shared.  He found humanity and love.

Even before my mother was diagnosed with  cancer she would tell me how she prays.  I remember telling mom about Ellen and she would say "I'll pray for her"  and I would say how nice that was. Now for those who don't know me I'm not a religious man per say but I do believe in something of a higher spirit that I experience by spending my time outside in the mountains.   So  I started thinking about how and why people pray.  Do you have to believe in God to pray?  Yesterday I decided; absolutely not.  We can always think about our loved ones and wish them well and feel our connection with them in this world; its the simple act of turning inward and focusing positive energy towards a person or situation that can be so healing, and can connect us to each other.  So I decided that I would focus inward, on certain words and people in my life, and send some good energy their way. I think many of us inherently do this, with or without out even knowing it, it's just the act of focusing in on it more.

 So as I  focus my  love and energy on mom and Ellen; I remember these two things: surround yourself with wonderful people and live life to it's fullest every day and second,  take the time to let them know how much you love them - even if its just by sending some good energy their way. 

Oh, right - the marshmallows.  Ellen brought them and as we sat around the fire she made everyone one heck of a S'more!  Just one of the many reasons we love her dearly.

Mom I miss you much I'll see you soon, you've always been there for me as I will be for you.




  1. This is a great post, very moving. I often take time to send good energy the way of people I know need it most or even make me so angered...i think you'd really enjoy a book - wherever you go there you are - it's amazing, speaks to a mind like yours ;)
    Best of luck to your Mom and Ellen
    I, too, will pray for them.
    I'll also put in a good one for you, Sarah & Odin :)
    Thank you for this post!

  2. Thanks Jen,

    I look that book up for sure. Thanks for your feedback I'm always glad to have people respond with their feelings and thoughts on what ever we find ourselves discovering. I always look forward to hearing from you. Positive energy indeed.