Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Backyard Harvest

Those who know us know that this has been a different kind of year for us, one in which we  are getting accustomed to being homeowners. It feels like something we were meant to be, and we feel like we're in a place we were meant to be. As we drove home from work last night we stopped to look at one of our favorite views, just down the road from our home. From here, you can see the Worcester Range, Camel's Hump and the Monroe Skyline, and the sunset.

Last night, we found ourselves in our backyard, where we worked in the garden, chopped wood, and picked some vegetables for our dinner. A true backyard adventure; an adventure of a different kind entirely.

 We have already enjoyed a few meals featuring ingredients from our garden, but last night was the first time an entire meal was made from the garden. We had ratatouille and salad, with fresh Red Hen bread. Yum. It's a good life!


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  1. look at all the yummies and the wood stacked. I love stacking wood! I really do.