Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Vermont

                                                           Sarah's hard work in the garden

                                                               Lots of apples from the yard.

We lose power more then often.

                                    Showing Katie, Matt and Keelan the Hollister Hill farm stable.

                                                          Keelan clearly likes the big wheel.

                                                                       Lovely sarah

                                                        Ryan practicing his fathering skills.
                                            Our favorite place to be after ripping singletrack.

What a week, fresh vegatables and apples from the garden, wonderful far away friends visiting, good food, beer and riding bikes.  This pretty much sums it up as Sarah, Odin and I had a great couple of days practicing what we most enjoy here in the Summer in the great state of Vermont.  Katie, Matt and Keelan we hope to see you this winter,thank you so much for visiting will see you soon.

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