Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Singletrack is Born

 Joe's Yoke: A great way to get in crushed rock, old school.
 Kip trying out the bridges, even the unfinished ones.

(photos courtesy of Kip Roberts and Kevin Jaques)

The ORS crew met up at one of our favorite local places to ride, Millstone Hill, in the beautiful historic quarries of Websterville, Vermont to get our hands dirty and work with the likes of Kevin and Jason Jacques, Joe, and Ricky of the Millstone crew.  These folks have been responsible for all the new trail creativity and vision at the touring center, and we figured it was time to help out.  With tools abounding and by way of tractor and lots of muscle power we were able to get some quality trail work done on "Rock and Roll" a trail that gives access to the new Harrington Heights.

This is how it happens folks: a lot of hard work and sweat. I myself need to log in more time to giving back and making the singletrack here in Vermont even better than it already is.  If you love to ride singetrack, get out there and throw some dirt or rock around; give back.  Singletrack doesn't just happen, it's born by sweat, blood, and sometimes tears; good tears that is! So next time you hear about a trail day or run into to folks doing trail work while you're riding, stop for a second and help out; I guarantee you and the VT singletrack will be better for it!


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