Monday, December 12, 2011

December 11 = A Perfect Day for the Beach!

Tristan and I have a knack for adventuring together. We are known among some circles as the ones who head out into a winter storm at night to frolic and see the sights. And we have a rhythm that we sink in to easily, or it seems to find us. But with schedules and jobs and demands and housework (this is new for us!), we have been finding little time to let go and truly have an adventure. Recently, though, Tristan and our friend Mike discovered a wonderful section of the Cross Vermont Trail and they spent an afternoon exploring - following trails and roads without knowing where they went, and Tristan was able to get a taste of that adventure we love so dearly. He wanted to show me what they had found, so yesterday we drove out to Marshfield and Cabot for our "Lazy Sunday" version of adventure. We drove along old dirt roads past Marshfield Falls, through the woods, and around the lakes of Groton State Forest. We found ourselves eventually on the shores of Boulder Beach, and what a treat! I was able to truly let go of worldly stresses and watch our dog sprint along the beach and discover barely-there ice of a lake just starting to freeze. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful time. It was a wonderful afternoon!


  1. Finding a beach is always a great day.

  2. That place looks gorgeous. Seems like you had a lot of fun with Tristan there. Thanks for sharing your bit of adventure with us!