Monday, December 19, 2011

Night shadows in the Stranahan.

 As some of you know Sarah and I enjoy being outside, with good folks, dogs,  and food and beer afterwards.  So as the Solstice approaches and the temps cool and the night feels longer we surround ourselves with all of these good things.
       About a year ago we transplanted ourselves yet again , this time on the Marshfield/Plainfield town lines.  Our new home outside the city of Montpelier has changed things a bit and we find ourselves spending more time out our new backyard, sometimes missing our good friends who were always not too far away to meet for a late night ski or ride.  So every Sunday we invite anyone and everyone who cares to join us on a night run with headlamps.  We venture through our backyard and then enjoy good food, beer and cheer afterwards!  The last two runs have taken us up Hollister Hill Rd. past Bob and Lee Light's B&B and farm ( yes this is where the Beefalo reside) into the Stranahan town forest.   We usually run about 4-5 miles through old sugar bushes, foundations, orchards, deer stands and logging roads up and over the Moon Field and back where everyone warms their bones by the fire and enjoys hot soup and cold beer.  Might I add our runs are never in a rush as we stop and enjoy the forest and people as we run along through the night. The Moon Field is a must run as everyone in the group enjoys conversation and the stars before making our way home. Having moved from our wonderful neighborhood in Montpelier I think we succeeded in finding another wonderful place to sink our feet, tires and skis into.  So if anyone cares to join us this winter before the snow flies and we start skiing, you can find our dancing headlamps somewhere in the vicinity of our new home in between the Marshfield and Plainfield town lines, chasing the night away.

Now think snow!

and get out there anyway!


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