Thursday, December 15, 2011

Running to a Bonfire! Wait...What?

That's right! We ran to a bonfire. Nothing too ground-breaking to report here, just that our wonderful neighbors called just as we walked through the door after work and invited us up. Since we had planned on doing an after-work run anyways (since we can't ski...ahem!), we thought, let's run to the bonfire! They were just a few miles away and they promised beers on our arrival. So we put on our shoes and headed out the door with our dog. It was an awesome run overall, but the coolest part of the adventure was running down the old road past the abandoned house and ancient trees out to an old orchard where two fires loomed bright in the distance. We enjoyed an evening of great people, lively stories and laughs, a cold beer, and a warm fire. Oh, and a dog with a good chewing stick.


  1. Thanks, Meghan! It was so fun. And, with the craziness of our lives these days, we've gotta get creative on how we fit it all in!