Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doin' the humpety-hump...

Every so often I like to kick my own ass to put things in perspective. Last fall it was the Reach the Beach 200 mile relay which I ran 17 miles of. This year it has been the Camel's Hump Challenge: 25 klicks of BC touring that allowed me to discover muscles that I didn't know existed and use pain to filter my thoughts down to the basic. Thankfully it was a good crew, all moving at about the same pace, and there was significant beauty (and snow!) at elevation to keep us going.

I've found it's when I've completely exhausted myself that all the petty worries and thoughts melt away and what is truly important becomes starkly apparent. Good friends, a beautiful environment, enjoyment of life and relationships are some that came to mind this past weekend. These are things that I will try not to lose perspective on again so quickly.

Thanks Dan, Ryan, Tristan, Alex and Johannes for an amazing experience.

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