Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Counting My Blessings

Odin is such a great friend. This picture is from Christmas day 2009, when we skinned up Bolton with dogs and friends and I made my first tele turns on groomed powder in my new skis. When I look through our pictures, I feel so fortunate. And content.

I think this is because I have simple pleasures. I let life be, rather than trying to jam it into some shape I think it should take. Everything always works out beautifully when you just let it. I can laugh at myself. And I take the time to be grateful for the people who truly know me and continue to love me, the blue lines of hills and pink fluff of clouds through the stark trees, my fortune at being born to a place where I feel safe and free, my strong legs, heart and lungs, the way Odin huffs and prances and smiles at me, for the feeling through your body when your ski glides through fresh snow or you feel like your bike is part of you or your legs wobble from exhaustion. I have so much. And I never forget that it can all be taken away in short time; none of this is going to last for ever. What we have is now, and each other. I choose to let it be, to enjoy it thoroughly, and to be so thankful that it all happened. That is the key to contentment: look at all that you have! How lucky are we.

Be well, happy trails!

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