Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get well soon

There are many things in life we cannot change or foresee. People in our lives who mean allot to us like family and friends come and go. As I type this my father faces challenges and changes in his life. He was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 32 and has lived with the disease ever since. He was also diagnosed with prostate cancer as well two months ago. Unfortunately these health issues have him in Saint Francis hospital in Hartford CT. I was able to see him and saw a very human side of my father I had not seen in some while; I think he saw his mortality and as he sobbed to my mother I could see just how much he truly loved her. I know my father loves his family but all to often we don't show or say it. Although you wouldn't notice it my father and I do share things in common, things he taught me as young child early in life that he may not know. I love old things; I'm sentimental, I love people even though I give them a hard time FYI: this means I like you that much more, sorry. I perform under pressure rather than ahead of time, yes its much livelier that way and much more exciting. I appreciate the simpler things in life like coffee and a good conversation with a passing stranger. These are all the things he taught me about life and didn't really realize it until much later. Who would? no single kid ever thinks or wants to be anything like his parents when he grows up! So as I sat there, I felt how much I love my father even though I don't say or show it as much as I should and as I felt this my heart hurt as I know I cant make my father get well. I can only love and make him understand just how much I truly appreciate the many wonderful ways that he showed me as young child how to live and see life the way he did. All the while having no idea just how lucky I truly was. No one is perfect we all make mistakes in life, there are things we may not be proud off, people we've hurt things left un-said. It's how we reconcile in the end and realize those we love and the mistakes we may have made. This is what makes us all human and allows us to forgive, forget and love. I love my father for who he is and who he helped me to become and this has served me well.

I love you dad and I'll see you soon.

Your son

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