Monday, May 31, 2010

Tram Haus

Another beautiful day in the greens! Today T and I took a tram up the mountain, instead of hiking. Hell, I can hardly walk from the car to the creamee stand my legs hurt so bad from yesterday's hike! It was another lovely day spent taking in magnificent scenery (Eden and Montgomery, VT are gorgeous!), being in the mountains I love, and hanging with my family. Oh, and Odin rode in a tram! It was a good day. We especially liked this public service message on the tram: Also, as many of you already know, Canada caught itself on fire today. Way to ruin everyone's views on Memorial Day, Canada. (It's okay Canada, it was still beautiful up there, but quite hazy as can be seen in this picture:)

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  1. Sweet shots Tristan.. Keep them coming. Good seeing you today. Heal fast. Thanks for the heads up about this. We'll link you up to our blog and site, soon. See you around.