Monday, May 31, 2010

New Routes

Taking a new route or doing something differently from the way you usually go about it can be a lot of fun. I think I even heard on NPR that it increases happiness hormones when you do something out of the ordinary. We put all of this to practice yesterday by taking a new route up and over Mt. Mansfield. First we had to drive all the way up and around to Underhill, which seemed so far, but was one of the more beautiful, scenic drives I've experienced in Vermont. We parked our car on Stevensville Road and hiked the Frost Trail -> Maple Ridge Trail -> Forehead - > Chin -> Sunset Ridge Trail -> CCC Road -> Maple Ridge -> Frost Trail. What a loop! It was the best way to see all of Mansfield, I think in only 8 miles, and is now my top favorite hike in Vermont. The Sunset Ridge Trail is amazing! And Underhill is well worth the drive; that side of the mountain is much more interesting to hike than the Stowe side. All of this hiking was after a beautiful night spent in Wind Gap on Camel's Hump. It lived up to its name with wind rushing through the low trees well into the night. But I remember the distinct moment when the wind stopped and all was quiet, except for the brook in the valley down below. It was a great way to start the day.

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