Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enter the Rossi BC 125

So if you haven't heard about this ski yet, the moment Rossi dropped hints about a fat wax-less BC ski there was allot of buzz. So here it is- If you like to get out an earn your turns , seek out powder, and make big lines in the back country as well as being super tourable? Then this ski has heard your call and hopefully answered it. At 90 under foot and 125 in the shovel this ski makes a Karhu guide look, well skinny and crusty~! Word has it that it will be available in a 165 and 175 to accommodate multiple skiers. I cannot wait to get our hands on this one and look forward to testing it out, which some of our guys did in Utah. Their only complaint you ask? These skis are so fat you might just gain weight, or lose it as you tour the backcoutry and make your best powder turns.
Till this season.

And if you need to get 'em bad?  Well here's the place... (click the picture)


  1. I should probably worry about getting boots that actually fit first...

  2. How do you like these skis? I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw these this Fall. It's hard to believe they put tracks on a ski that fat.

  3. Hey Randonee Andy - we love these skis! They have great floatation, climb well, and are super stable on descents. In general, the XCD ski is a classic, go-anywhere ski for Vermont, but the BC125's are the closest thing I can get to touring in my downhill gear. Look for a new ski called the Vector coming out next year, which looks like it will impress as well.